Other services

Hex Trust offers a range of additional services to help corporations transition into blockchain-based businesses.

Other Services Interface Overview

Token Issuance

A platform for institutions to structure and manage the issuance and distribution of digital tokens.

HEX Token Issuance Interface


Custom smart contract design and development to structure different offering phases, airdrops & discounts.


Multiple funding options available for users with a high degree of customization.


Provides screening workflows for both individuals and institutions, including black / whitelisting functionalities.


We have integrated all the features you need and provide a dedicated technical support for our clients. Our platform offers a high degree of customizable options to ensure we capture our clients’ business and regulatory requirements.

KYC Platform

We help clients stay ahead of the regulatory curve and comply with ever-increasing AML / CFT and KYC requirements.

HEX KYC Platform Interface


Connected to official XML data sources of The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the US Department of the Treasury and several PEP databases.


GDPR compliant and aligned with most recent regulatory standards (e.g. SAR, risk classifications and KYC renewal).


Offers support for non-latin name aliases (Chinese, Japanese, Cyrillic, Arabic) and uses inexact matching to find typos and alternative spellings.


The platform integrates all features you need to perform KYC. We allow clients to connect to multiple data sources and provide continuous updates. By default the platform is connected to official XML data sources of The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the US Department of the Treasury and several PEP databases. In addition, the platform provides complete audit trail, risk classification options and Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) tools.

Technology Solutions

We enable institutions to integrate decentralized solutions into their business operations.

HEX Technology Solutions Interface


Blockchain adoption strategy, architecture design and solution development services.


Design and development of DApps and smart con- tracts on leading blockchains including Ethereum & EOS with end-to-end validation and testing.


Deployment, testing, and validating your technology whilst ensuring full integration.


As a professional player in the space, we enable enterprises to explore and implement decentralized solutions in their business operations. We have successfully designed and executed a number of high profile projects including KYC solutions, gaming platforms, custodian solutions, payments, collectibles, social communities for enterprises across the US, Europe and Asia.

Security Services

Security services to ensure your operating procedures and in-house systems are functioning at the highest level of security.


Subscribers will get an “out of the box” vetted wallet software, network setup, as well as operating systems and procedures to manage secure and confidential digital transactions in-house, complying with best in class security practices. Tailor-made security advisory projects, including on-site security assessments, project management, gap analysis and remedial plans are available on-demand.


Subscribers to HEX Shield Managed Services will get ongoing support services and vulnerability monitoring to ensure our clients’ infrastructure stays secure and up-to-date. Subscribers are protected from attack vectors and security threats so that they can focus on their business with peace of mind.




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Managing cryptocurrency assets requires the highest levels of security standards, hygiene and robust infrastructures. Through HEX Shield, we provide tailor-made security solutions to help our Clients upgrade their in-house platforms to conform with best in class security practices. We deliver a professional service through our dedicated support team to make sure your infrastructure is properly set up and timely upgraded.

Our security principles

Multi-layer security: physical, cryptographic, operational
Industry standard cryptographic protocols
Multi-factor authorisation, authentication and signing
Cold storage compliant with FIPS 142-2 standard
Geographic and organisational distribution of keys and related
Strong encryption and hashing algorithms, compliant with
FIPS-197 and FIPS 142-2

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